In the midst of our arguing, finger pointing and defending ourselves all we have truly learned is to be prejudice to some, dismiss the concerns of others and essentially marginalize each group that has some issue that needs to be heard.

Discussion have become nothing but pointing out flaws and issues based on one’s own personal bias’. People are so busy being mad at one another that the importance of smoothing out our collective edges as a community has become muddled by hate speech and therefore nullified all hopes of true improvement.

Emotions dominate the reason and discourse that should guide every proposed solution to an issue.

I think just taking two moments to breath, release the built up tension inside and reconvene would be the right course of action. How about invoking a Wes Holiday, like Zonker Harris day, that surrounds the idea of conversing with someone you’ve possibly misjudged or mislabeled.

I am naive, but I also love Wesleyan, and Wesleyan is at it’s best when people are thinking, reasoning and at least trying to get along, not yelling at each other like some barbarians from Williams or Amherst.

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