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A mainstay at Wesleyan for the past few years, Assistant Professor of Sociology Robyn Autry teaches a variety of classes, including Introductory Sociology, Comparative Race & Ethnicity, and Memory & Violence. Her current research concerns the depiction of violence in museums. Though her areas of study may seem universally dark, her music tastes are as eclectic as her teaching schedule. Professor Autry emailed the Argus a list of songs by artists ranging from the band of her colleague, Assistant Professor of Sociology Greg Goldberg, to The Cure.

The Ballet—“Turn You”

“I love this catchy song and everything else by The Ballet, and not just because my bestie Greg Goldberg is the lead vocalist and songwriter.”


Miriam Makeba—“Pata Pata”

“This upbeat song reminds me of walking around downtown Johannesburg, one of my favorite cities.  When she screams midway through, it’s just perfection.”

Robyn – “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do”

“All I could say was ‘amen’ when I heard this the first time.”

Salt-N-Pepa – “None of Your Business”

“I like this song because…well, it’s none of your business!”

Jill Scott—“Golden”

“This is such a happy, positive, and uplifting song. I like it anyway.”


Sam Smith – “Stay With Me”

“I tried to avoid it because I’m not a romantic, but I can’t help singing along to this one.”

Feist—“Past in Present”

“I want to sing this song whenever someone asks me what my book is about.”

Johann Pachelbel—“Pachelbel’s Canon”

“This is basically a lullaby that I put it on repeat when I’m stuck in crazy traffic. It calms me down without putting me to sleep, which would be dangerous.”

The Cure—“Boys Don’t Cry”

“This is one of my all-time favorite songs. It reminds me of high school even though I wasn’t listening to it then.”

Estelle—“Do My Thing”

“I think this song came out a couple of years ago, but I heard it for the first time this summer. Loved it instantly!”

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