Ankur Neupane/Staff Photographer

On the evening of Saturday, Mar. 1, University students received an email from Public Safety (PSafe) alerting the community to an assault that occurred at around 7:30 p.m. on Church Street outside the Exley Science Center.

According to the PSafe alert, six to eight male youths approached a male student and repeatedly struck him. After being punched and knocked to the ground, the student escaped. He was treated for injuries at Middlesex Hospital.

Interim Director of Public Safety Tony Bostick discussed investigation updates.
“Right now, there are several individuals that have been identified by Middletown Police who we believe might be involved,” Bostick said. “We’re just waiting to confirm everything.”

Bostick noted that the people being questioned were not students. However, he emphasized that the investigation is not over.

“We feel we have an idea that these could possibly be the individuals involved, but I don’t want to say we do until we have it from the police,” Bostick said. “They’re conducting the investigation.”

PSafe has increased security on campus due to the incident.

“We’ve stepped up our patrols…until [we’ve] found for sure these are the individuals,” Bostick said. “Our guys will be more visible just in case.”

Bostick does not think the individuals would be found on campus again.

“I’d be surprised if they show up again, but it is an open campus,” Bostick said.

Bostick commented on the condition of the student who was assaulted.

“To my knowledge, he’s doing fine,” Bostick said. “We’ve had several conversations with him.”

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