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Rama Nakib ’16 is a sophomore with sharp style and a clear-cut point of view when it comes to fashion. Though she herself may serve as a source of fashion inspiration, Nakib draws style inspiration from both friends on campus and icons like Alexa Chung. Always looking put together, Nakib sat down with The Argus to talk about American Apparel, shopping online, and a couple of specific garments she loves (and hates!).

The Argus: Do you consider yourself interested in fashion?

Rama Nakib: Yeah, I mean, I guess. Not, like, trends and stuff, but I do think that self-expression through clothing is a really important thing that people should be able to know how to do.

A: So how long have you been interested in fashion?

RN: Probably like two years, not that long. I went through a really weird phase in high school in which I didn’t pay attention to what I looked like at all, and I was like, “maybe I should!” So now I do!

A: Describe your personal style in three to five words.

RN: Clean, bold, understated.

A: Where are your favorite places to shop?

RN: There are places that I like, but don’t really buy from, but I’ll try to find things that are similar to. So like, I really like this store called Reformation, and it’s based in Los Angeles…it’s just very young and sophisticated, but also very casual.

A: Is that a store that you do buy from or draw inspiration from?

RN: Draw inspiration from… I think my favorite place for [buying] basics is probably American Apparel, obviously. It just fits well, it’s comfortable, and it’s affordable.

A: Do you find it hard to shop while at Wesleyan?

RN: No! There’s the Internet.

A: Do you have a favorite online shop, then?

RN: There’s this weird Korean thrift store called Local Mansion, and I think that’s really cool. It’s kind of sketchy, though, because they make you wire the money rather than pay through PayPal, so I try to minimize [buying from them]. But they have really cool clothes.

A: Do you have an article of winter clothing that you can’t live without right now?

RN: My cape. I have a big wool cape that the guy outside Usdan sold me for twenty-five dollars…he has really good stuff.

A: Do you have an article of spring or summer clothing that you can’t wait to wear?

RN: Yeah, I have this top from Reformation actually, and it’s like a lacy, silky crop top, and it’s just very flowy and very comfortable…and I don’t have to wear a bra with it!

A: Is there a current running trend you love?

RN: That’s a hard one…I’m really into collared shirts; I just really like them…like Peter Pan Collars, and all collars of all styles. Just, collars are the best.

A: Is there a current trend you hate?

RN: Yes. Peplum. Oh my god, it’s so gross.

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