Dear Professor Ohmann,

Professor Schwarcz’ assertion that President Roth’s denunciation of the ASA took “courage” – when scores of his colleague heads had signed the same letter – you found “a bit much.”  I agree: no hero of nonconformity, he.

As for the rest of your verbal belch, I found it every bit as “much,” but nothing unexpected from a nave of the Church of Latter Day Te Deum, the English Department.  Here’s your money bite:

“The boycott movement is not about the political structure of Israel but about Palestine: about Israel’s taking of land and water, its bulldozing of villages, its restriction of movement, its military reprisals and collective punishments, and so on through the endless list of oppressions, privations, and indignities inflicted on people of the West Bank and Gaza during more than 45 years of occupation.”

Oh yes!  “As everyone knows…” old whopper-tellin’ Stalin would say.  What I would say?  Words fail me: no bon mot can I lay upon your late upon a Friday afternoon cartoon dump.

You add:   “I learned much from Vera, years ago…”  Years ago, when then-Maoist Vera, before she saw the body count, was still on the secular humanist Road to Nowhere (Utopia).

Utopian Roth prefers to call it the Road to Perfection.  World-beater Roth, who humbly took upon himself the onerous task of perfecting the world and relieving himself of the wholly more onerous task of perfecting himself.  Visionary Roth, who clearly sees the road ahead and strives to drive the students (“Hi HO!  Hi HO!  It’s off the map we go!”) in his geared-up Agenda.  Who gave that nut case the car keys? is what I’d like to know.

And had you not taken a turn at the wheel?  Had you not built your construct, your altar to idol Marx, on High?  The idol requires tribute payment: sacrifice.  The student body fills the bill.

Poor Richard, take your fact-eclipsing almanac – your airhead-feted bull dump – and shuffle off to Buffalo.

And count your blessings while (royally speaking) we convey the weathered vein of OUR clime: “Had we but shovels enough, and time…”

Benjamin is a member of the class of 1957.

  • EndTheFed

    New Age Marxism and the Rainbow Swastika:

    a. Since America’s inception there has been a lingering notion that European Illuminati bankers seek to bring America to its knees and return it to the fold of the Crown of England, which centuries ago became the key political vassal for the Eight Families who own majority stock in every private central bank in the world- Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kuhn Loeb, Lehman, Goldman Sachs, Warburg, Lazard and Israel Moses Seif.

    Many US Presidents warned of the intrigues of the cabal, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Quincy Adams; and later Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

    b. Marx’s essay states that one “must not start with religion in order to explain Jewish history; on the contrary: the preservation of the Jewish religion or nationality can be explained only by the ‘real Jew’, that is to say, by the Jew in his economic and social role”.

    b. Isaac Deutscher (1959)[17] compares Marx with Elisha ben Abuyah,Baruch Spinoza, Heinrich Heine, Rosa Luxemburg, Leon Trotsky, and Sigmund Freud, all of whom he thinks of as heretics who transcend Jewry, and yet still belong to a Jewish tradition. According to Deutscher, Marx’s “idea of socialism and of the classless and stateless society” expressed in the essay is as universal as Spinoza’s ethics and God.

    d. “You’ll think I’m crazy, but listen to me: Hitler will bring us to a catastrophe. But his ideas, once they have been transformed, will acquire a new strength.”
    (Joseph Goebbels)

    Swastika means “Good Luck” in Sanskrit.