I never had Sarah Mahurin as a Professor – yet I met with her multiple time during her office hours, collaborated with her on campus-wide events, and continue to seek advice from her as a graduate. Prof. Mahurin embodies what it is to be a member of the Wesleyan community – she is passionate, charismatic, and brilliant. Most importantly, she makes Wes a safe space for ALL students. If she were to leave Wes, I would no longer tell the highschoolers I work with to consider applying.

Okun is a member of the class of 2013.

  • Wes kid

    While it is obvious that Professor Mahurin is a great professor, it seems pretty immature and ineffective of you to threaten to no longer tell high schoolers to apply here due to the absence of one professor, who you have not even had yourself. Would you say that your experience at Wesleyan before you met Professor Mahurin was not worthwhile? Congratulations on working with high schoolers, by the way. Good for you . Why don’t you rap about it and keep pretending you’re not paternalistic at your forum on inner city violence?