How long has it been since you last tasted heaven? Simply angelic in taste, shikarni is a stunning variation of yogurt, flavored with cinnamon and topped with sliced bananas.

Essentially, shikarni is just sugared hung yogurt. The term “hung” refers to the treatment of the yogurt: it is dried, simply enough, by “hanging” it in a cloth. Shikarni is also a great dessert for the chef in you, allowing for tasty experimentation. While this dessert is delightful by itself, it is equally enticing with additions like cashews, honey, cloves, and cardamom.

For those possessing a truly experimental nature, try replacing the bananas with tangerine. The acidic citrus taste cuts through the sweetness of the rest of the dish and provides balance.

Well, without further ado, here is what you need to do. You can thank me later.



2 lbs. plain yogurt
3.5 – 4 oz. sugar or honey
1/2 tbsp. cinnamon
Bananas, sliced or tangerines, segmented
A spirit of experimentation: try flavoring like cashews, cloves, and cardamom



1. Prepare hung yogurt. Put regular yogurt in a strainer that is lined with a soft cloth, like a clean handkerchief or kitchen towel. Alternatively, hang the yogurt in cheesecloth.

2. Drain the water by leaving it to hang overnight. If you wish to speed up the process, making it last only for two hours, try squeezing out the water every 15 minutes or so.

3. Mix sugar with the yogurt and gently whisk it. A balloon whisk is preferable, as it airs the dessert better and it will make the process easier. You may also use an equal amount of honey as a replacement for the sugar, or you can do as I did and end up adding both. Some times you just have to let loose.

4. Add slices of bananas and cinnamon.

5. Flavor with pistachios, cashews, ground cardamom and cloves, if desired.

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