Members of the Class of 2013 reported that the Senior Cocktails event, “Freaks and Geeks, Valentine’s Day Style,” at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, Conn. on Friday, Feb. 15 ended unexpectedly early. Although officials have not confirmed the early exit or that it was due to the actions of University students, event attendees reported raucous behavior.

According to a post on Wesleying, one student overheard museum staff commenting that students were engaging in sexual activity, illegal drug use, and destruction of property.

Rebecca Coven ’13 expressed embarrassment for the class’ actions during the event in an email to The Argus. She also noted that more information about the venue might have been beneficial for both parties.

“It’s pretty embarrassing for our class and I feel bad for the Wesleyan chaperones that were there,” Coven wrote. “It is definitely our responsibility and our fault, but I do wish that we had had more information before getting there. It was never made clear to us which floors and which exhibits were open or even that we were allowed to interact with the exhibits. I think this contributed to part of the confusion. But that’s no excuse for how we acted, and I just hope this won’t affect the rest of the senior events.”

Genelle Faulkner ’13 shared similar sentiments in an email to The Argus, stating that the location was not ideal.

“I think the event overall was a great idea in theory,” Faulkner wrote. “[…] Unfortunately, in practice it was like having a bunch of 3-yr-olds in a fine art museum. We might need sippy cups next time.”

Matt Lichtash ’13 offered a positive twist on the event.

“At least some of the students kindly left baking soda in the bathroom and stairs to help clean up all of that disgusting vomit,” Lichtash wrote in an email to The Argus.

Senior Class Officers declined to comment.

  • Leslie

    So, 21 and 22 year olds needed more instructions on how to behave in a museum and whether they could interact with exhibits? These are our future leaders? Sounds to me like the offenders should have their degrees withheld until they perform a certain number of hours – a lot of them – in community service.