On Saturday, a violent confrontation at Beta Theta Pi (Beta) was dissipated with the aid of the Middletown Police. As Public Safety (PSafe) shut down an event hosted by Beta, a non-University affiliated person threw a bottle and hit another non-student present on the scene.

“It gets kind of serious with a large group and a confrontation,” said Director of Public Safety Dave Meyer. “There were a fair number of non-University people involved. It’s a safety issue as far as I’m concerned.”

The individual who was hit by the bottle received medical treatment for cuts on her head. According to an all-campus email alert sent out by PSafe, the situation is still under investigation with assistance from local police. There is a possibility that some of the involved individuals have been in previous altercations on the University campus.

“We are still trying to identify the people involved so we aren’t sure if they’re people we’ve had problems with before,” Meyer said. “If they are the same ones, they have been banned from campus. But we have not confirmed anything. We’re still waiting for statements from people to know for sure.”

Meyer urged anyone with additional information about the incident to contact Public Safety or the Middletown Police.

  • Constructive Criticism

    Why is Dave Meyer the only source in this article? Couldn’t you track down someone from the house, or someone who was there? Otherwise this is essentially a rehash of the cited all-campus email.

    • Jlkajklfa

      Agreed that this article does not bring very much to the table that wasn’t already there…