Prospective students who want to take a tour of the Wesleyan campus now have the option of simply hopping on computer. A 360 degree virtual view of Wesleyan’s campus is now easily accessible via Google Street View through the Google Partner program. Wesleyan is one of only 95 universities worldwide, 27 of which are in the United States, that were selected to be in the program, alongside Fordham University, Stanford University, and Dartmouth College.

According to Director of University Communications William Holder, Google contacted administrators about making Wesleyan a Street View University Partner and they agreed. The Street View feature allows anyone to take an online “walking” tour of the campus.

Google employee Doug Cody ’09 rode around campus last May on a bicycle that carried a computer and camera to take pictures. The photographs were then put together to create panoramic images that recently became available on Google Maps.

“I think it is very cool and hope that prospective students will too,” wrote Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Nancy Hargrave Meislahn in an e-mail to The Argus.

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