Pei Xiong Liu/Editor in Chief

This Thursday, a kind Argus editor brought in half a pint of the already infamous Maple Bacon Ice Cream that Weshop has been offering for the past month. We, The Argus editorial staff, decided to sample the ice cream and provide a brief report on the product to better your future enjoyment.

While some may be skeptical about the addition of any savory item, let alone bacon, to the classic sweet dessert, the combination had a familiar taste to it. It reminded us of a classic breakfast meal, pureed and frozen. While this non-kosher, non-vegetarian dessert had us all yearning for a real sizzling slice of bacon or maple soft-serve, the mixture was a little too much.

The base of the ice cream is a pleasant maple flavor, creamy, with a hint of molasses flavoring. The bacon is authentic, such as you would find sprinkled on top of a Cobb salad. The smokey flavor of the bacon dominated the entire pint, although the pieces in the ice cream had the same texture as bits of caramel. Staff reactions varied from shock to pleasant surprise to Editor-in-Chief Pei Xiong Liu trying to devour the entire pint before everyone could try it.

“Bizarre, but better than I thought,” said Features Editor Alex “Wilky” Wilkinson.

“Yum,” said Features Editor Ben “I take Latin” Soloway, as he took a second bite. “It transcends its novelty appeal with a generally appealing combination of sweet maple and sultry, salty, smokey taste that evokes the New England autumn. Even after the ice cream has melted on your tongue, the chewy bacon lingers. Laura Ingalls Wilder would’ve killed to eat this.”

“It’s like eating a pancake with bacon and maple syrup,” said Staff Writer Vicky “The Vickster” Chu.

“It’s like breakfast and dessert at the same time,” Liu said as he  shoveled spoonful after spoonful into his mouth. “Take this away from me.”

“The cream is definitely more molassassy, like a candy, and then you get a chunk of bacon, but it’s not very good bacon in itself,” said Opinion Editor Abbey “sex columnist” Francis. “The bacon flavor could permeate the ice cream better.”

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