On Oct. 5, The Argus reported that Crusin’ Café—a husband-and-wife-operated food cart—had joined Mamoun’s as another non-Late Night nocturnal campus food option. Now that spring is upon us, a third competitor has arrived on the scene.

The Whey Station, also a husband-and-wife venture, has staked out a spot on Williams Street, up the hill from HiRise.

According to Whey Station’s website, Jillian Moskites, the cart’s chef, has “a culinary degree from Johnson and Wales University as well as 11 years of restaurant and specialty food experience with a focus on gourmet cheese.”

“We wanted to offer you guys something different,” Jillian Moskites said, as she prepared a batch of grilled sandwiches. Depeche Mode blared through small speakers. Joshua Moskites, her husband and fellow Johnson and Wales alum, took orders at the cart’s window.

“We have big plans,” he said.

During the day, Joshua works as a cheesemonger. The couple lives in Cromwell, Conn. They have two children.

The Whey Station specializes in “gourmet grilled cheese, specialty hot dogs and ‘truck-made’ soups,” according to the Moskites’ menu. Menu items include a Smoked Tomato Bisque, all-pork German hotdogs, and sandwiches with ingredients like onion confit, poached pear, apple chutney, and monger’s mix (a “special blend of five cheeses”). Prices range from $3.00 to $7.50.

A group of students who had spilled out of the campus’s surrounding parties and who had congregated in front of the cart late Saturday evening seemed pleased with the fare.

“It’s cheesy and delicious,” said Elliot Albert ’14. “I love the pickle.”

He offered me a bite of his sandwich. I must say: it was one of the better moments of my evening, PNK@DKE included.

The academic year is about to end, but the Moskites plan to continue selling food at other locations around Middletown.

“We’ll be back in the fall,” Jillian Moskites said. “This is just the beginning.”

For more information on the Whey Station, visit wheystation.com, email truck@wheystation.com, or call 860 34 – curds.

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