In a raucous and memorable night last year, the residents of Music House came together to perform Arcade Fire’s Funeral in its entirety. This past Tuesday, MuHo’s 2010-2011 residents continued the tradition of house bonding and epic spectacle by performing Fleet Foxes’ Fleet Foxes in Memorial Chapel. Considering I first learned about this band from my Methodist youth pastor (he was really into it), I was pretty excited to experience this album in the awe-inspiring (well, almost) interior of Memorial Chapel.

And the show didn’t disappoint—Brian H. Lee ’13, Marc Whittington ’13, Nora Dumont ’13, Dylan Bostick ’13, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, Ethan Cohen ’13, Charlie Ellis ’13, Michael Ullman ’12, and Howe Pearson ’12 (the only non-resident performer) managed to carry the musically-difficult album through the entire performance. I owned a guitar in 2008, and I even attempted to play an acoustic version of “White Winter Hymnal.”  Those harmonies are damn hard. The highlights of the performance were “Ragged Wood” (its indie-hit popularity amping up the energy of the crowd), and “Blue Ridge Mountains,” during which they invited all past and future residents to join them on stage for a rousing performance.

The show was a bit more subdued than last year’s raucous showing, but I’d say that was a result of Fleet Foxes’ music rather than any lack of skill of the performers. I commend them for choosing an album from a vastly different vein than last years’ Funeral. It lends credibility to the performers, allowing them to show the different kinds of musical chops they all clearly have, and keeps things interesting for the audience. Hopefully, it’s a tradition they’ll keep up in the future. Who knows, maybe next year they’ll do the soundtrack to “Slumdog Millionaire.” Now that’d be different.

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