Students swarmed to Foss Hill from all corners of campus, as a haze of smoke hung over the crowd. Some students streaked across Andrus Field bare-bottomed with American flags in hand, while others passed around a parachute on the grass.

Despite student enthusiasm for the 4/20 festivities, Director of Public Safety Dave Meyer said this year’s observance of the day was “pretty uneventful.” PSafe officers patrolled Foss Hill, confiscating marijuana and drug paraphernalia. No arrests were made, and no students were referred to the Student Judicial Board.

One senior who was celebrating on Foss Hill at 4:20 p.m. described the scene:

“There were a lot of people out; a lot of people smoking,” he said. “[PSafe was] snaking through the crowd, grabbing joints and bowls. I saw them walk away with handfuls of each. People were having a good time–it’s my favorite holiday.”


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