President Michael Roth has taken a stance against proposed cuts to financial aid on the state and federal level. According to Roth, the cuts would place a greater burden on the University, as administrators strive to keep admissions need-blind.

“For those convinced that deficit reduction is a priority, there are many places to make cuts that don’t attack the most vulnerable members of our society,” Roth said. “This congress seems bent on attacking the most vulnerable as a way of balancing the budget rather than reducing subsidies for the strongest or the wealthiest.”

The Republican budget proposal would decrease the maximum federal Pell Grant (currently $5,500) by 15 percent or $845.
Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy’s proposed budget would cut the need-based financial aid program for Connecticut students attending in-state independent colleges and universities by 25 percent in 2012, and 50 percent in 2013.

According to Roth, the administration has been actively taking steps to oppose both the state and federal cuts.

“We’re in touch with our people in Hartford, with representatives in Washington, and we belong to different organizations through which we make our voices heard about these cuts,” he said.

Roth said he hopes to see students take a stance, and urged students to contact representatives in their home state, especially those who support the cuts.

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