In the past several months, students have expressed frustration about the speed of package and mail pick-up from Wesleyan Station (Wes Station). According to Wes Station Supervisor Holly Nicholas, these delays are the result of a decrease in full-time staff.

“We used to have six people, but [last year] three people retired,” Nicholas said. “They gave me one more person three months ago who does not work full time. Because of this, our amount of work has [doubled].”

Nicholas said that even the assistance of work-study students does not compensate for the decrease in full-time staff because of their short shifts and busy schedules. She also suggested that an increase in online purchases, especially of textbooks, has contributed to the delays.

“This is the first year we have received so many packages,” Nicholas said. “We get buried sometimes because of the online boom. People are ordering everything online.”

Nicholas was quick to show the large number of packages within Wes Station and said that every Monday, the station is flooded with packages.

“Sometimes we’ll get a package to [one student] immediately, while for [another student] it may take longer,” Nicholas said.

A Feb. 4 all-campus email from the Wes Station staff acknowledged the delays and urged students to check their mailboxes for small packages that may have been delivered there.

“We have had many complaints that students are not receiving their packages when, in actuality, some of their packages have been located in their personal mailboxes,” the all-campus email read.

Nicholas said that no drastic changes to Wes Station are planned, though he does hope to hire another full time employee for the next academic year. According to Nicholas, with more staff, these delays would become far less frequent.

  • M. Moran

    If you have caller service at the Post Office, you might want to cancel it. Have the student mail delivered instead (you might not have it early in the day but at least you get it that day). The money saved could go to hiring an extra student in the mailroom.