Prometheus is always pretty awesome (things on fire! things on fire!), but the group stepped up their game last Friday with a spectacular Halloween show. I mean, clearly people spinning fire is cooler if they are wearing creepy costumes. Though the cold was biting, Foss got pretty crowded as students huddled together to watch the show.

Among the standout presentations were Joey Heller ’11, who performed to a techno version of “This is Halloween” with a flaming sword (given, I’m kind of a Lord of the Rings nut, so I probably would have been into this even if the sword hadn’t been on fire), Matt Adelman ’13 and Jordan Gratch ’13, who spun fire with blind folds on (yikes!), and Kim Prosise ’11, Lilah Sloane ’11, Lexi Malouta ’12, and Blair Laurie ’12, who, while holding flaming fans, did the creepiest/most awesome doll-coming-to-life dance I have ever seen. Still, if there was one performance that topped all the others, it would have to be the routine where Prosise and Heller danced with fire darts. They wrapped the darts around themselves, they wrapped the darts around each other, they wrapped the darts around various limbs—basically anything you would be afraid to put next to fire, that’s where the fire went. It. Was. Epic. Seriously, it’s when Prometheus puts on a show this great that I start to think that maybe I, too, could be one of those chosen few wielders of the flame. And then I remember that it took me nineteen years to learn how to use a lighter properly. Alas!