Weekend in Review

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Friday night offered a few options for lovers of alternative music, with Uz Jsme Doma playing at Memorial Chapel and Canadian folk band Le Vent du Nord playing in Crowell. The UJD set, sponsored by WESU, got off to a slow start but picked up in energy once more people arrived, turning into a pretty kickin’ show. Reports are that the LVDN show was also very impressive, although more subdued. There are even reports that the group was looking for a place to jam on campus after the show, but no word as to where they ended up. If you didn’t attend either of these shows, chances are that you at least went to see the classic “Pulp Fiction” on the big screen. We all know that counts as art.


Saturday afternoon was all about Fallapalooza! The festival started at 5 p.m., drawing crowds early on thanks to the promise of free T-shirts for sophomores. The Clover Street Band that kicked off the concert, although mostly unknown prior to the festival, turned out to be awesome thanks to their frontwoman—Dean of the Class of 2013 Louise Brown. They played a few originals, but mostly covers, the highlight of the set being a version of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” Afterwards, the all-sophomore bands Thelonious Funk, Linus, Bones Complex, and The Japanese played, each putting on impressive performances for their peers to jam to while munching on those weird gourd things Bon Appetit put out for vegetarians.


Apparently (though we didn’t make it) there was in fact an a cappella, Gaga-centric “Dance Extravaganza” by the Wesleyan Spirits Sunday night around midnight in the lobby of Olin; that clearly being the most appropriate time to wander into a library and sing at people while they do their work.

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