There were arts events abound this weekend, for those who cared to look. And it did take a bit of looking—the arts scene hasn’t really gotten started yet, this early in the year. But, as usual, Wes provides!

Friday night treated us to the CFA’s big kick-off event, which started out with shows by Linus and Buru Style and ended with a spectacular Prometheus show (there was a flaming sword involved). The concert was somewhat poorly attended, but those that were there made the most of the sets by two of Wesleyan’s most beloved student bands. Once the fire spinning started more students showed up, probably because of the flaming sword (there was also a flaming hula hoop, and they ATE FIRE). You also could have enjoyed yourself at the Bach to School organ concert (what a pun!). University organist Ronald Ebrecht gave a virtuoso performance of the all-Bach program he recently performed on an organ from 1737 in Erfurt, Germany, including the famous Toccata and Fugue in D minor. The new exhibit at the Zilkha gallery, Connectivity Lost, also had its opening reception Friday evening and will be on display there until Dec. 6. The gallery showcases work in a variety of media by over half a dozen artists on themes of the lost connection between different individuals and between human beings and their environment.

Saturday brought us this year’s comedy kick-off outside the Nics lounge, with performances by Punchline, Desperate Measures, and Gag Reflex, making up in a way for the sad removal of the traditional comedy orientation show from the orientation roster. There was also a performance by cornet player Taylor Ho Bynum ‘98, who made a stop at Wes while on his—get this—bicycle performance tour of New England. For those out for a night of partying, Ishmael played a set at Music House, which was probably great (but no one really remembers).

On Sunday there was diddly-squat, because everyone was too busy well…resting and doing homework.

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