The arts community at Wesleyan provides many opportunities for stu- dents to watch, listen to, and partici- pate in creative events and programs. Below is a smattering of the prominent

A cappella

Wesleyan was traditionally known as “The Singing College of New England,” and the tradition of a

cappella continues to this day. There are currently eight active groups on campus: Wesleyan Spirits, Cardinal Sinners, Quasimodal, New Group, Vocal Debauchery, Onomatopoeia, Mixolydians, and Slavei. Each group has its own individual style, from co-ed to all male and female groups to comedy to Slavic folk songs. My personal favorite is the Spirits, and that rousing rendition of “Poker Face” they gave at last year’s winter concert. Delightful.


Much like a cappella, there are a variety of student comedy groups on campus, which range in style from improv to sketch comedy to stand- up. Groups have a tendency to come and go over the years, but all of them bring out the best in Wesleyan humor: quirky, offensive, amusing, lovable, or bizarre—and sometimes all at once! Sadly for you guys, the administration thought it would be cool to cut the traditional comedy show from orientation. If you know what’s good for you, check out one of the five active groups- Gag

Reflex, New Teen Force, Desperate Measures, Lunchbox (rumored to be on hiatus until spring), or Punchline—ASAP.


With over 70 years of broad- casting behind them, WESU, the Wesleyan student radio station, has a reputation for excellence in musical and community radio broadcasting. With a full weekly schedule of both professional and amateur programming, you can tune in at FM 88.1 to hear everything from NPR’s “The Diane Rehm Show” to “The Cosmic Eye with Commander Aleon.”

Second Stage

Young, friendly, and attractive since 1973! Second Stage is Wesleyan’s student theater group, and very possibly the oldest fully student-run theater group in the nation. Housed in and more or less responsible for the ’92 Patricelli Theater, Second Stage is an open organization willing to produce everything from straight dramas to musicals to dance and poetry performances. There’s some kind of show going up almost every weekend if you’re interested in seeing theater, and the group is a great resource if you’re interested in putting on your own show.


Having recently seen a performance by this group is one of the few acceptable reasons to hear some- one yell, “Fire!” and start cheering. Arguably the most badass group on campus, Prometheus is (wait for it) Wes’s fire spinning club. Using flaming staffs and other not-usually- ignited implements, Prometheus will make you “ooh” and “aaah” as they perform death-defying deeds of daring dexterity…on fire. They perform multiple times each semester, but somehow watching people play with fire never really gets old for me. Don’t miss their show—ac- companied by WesTaiko—on the night of Sept. 3. Once I saw these guys use a hula hoop that was on fire!

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