Static Stamina may be the best on-campus band you’ve never heard of. If you caught their set at Battle of the Bands, you know they’re all about party hands and staying classy. If you missed them then, go see them May 5 at Music House with The Japanese and Fuck Connecticut. Static Stamina is WF ’13, Danny Sullivan ’13, Jacob Eichengreen ’13, Nicole Lepre ‘13, Nate Jacobs ’13, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, and Stefan Skripak ’13.

Argus: Describe your music in one sentence.
Static Stamina: We’re an in-your-face rap/classical/jungle/’50s cover band. Also, we’re a band that is all about lifting weight, so imagine what that would sound like musically.

A: If you guys could die and be reincarnated as a band, which one would it be?
SS: Probably Static Stamina. Or the Wu-Tang Clan, because each of us has a different Wu-Tang nickname. For example, Will is Ol‘ Dirty Wizzard.

A: What makes you different from the other student bands on campus?
SS: Nate Jacobs. And the fact that we’re just here to have fun – we don’t take ourselves seriously.

A: Where did your name come from?
SS: Will always wanted it to be “Static Stamina” so he dropped subtle hints while everyone else in the band was looking for names.

A: What are your main influences?
SS: Andrew W-K, Etta James, Regina Spektor, but only for her rapping and Auto-Tune abilities, and whoever is on “Now 6.”

A: How did you guys meet?
SS: Will liked Danny’s shirt, Nate and Jacob met our height requirements, Nicole met Will when she was talking about rapping about prostitutes, and Adrien was in Will’s room one day.

A: Who is your favorite Wesleyan celebrity?
SS: WordSmith.

A: Which musicians would you like to see make a comeback?
SS: The Beatles – they only had one good song. We’d also like to see Europe, Asia, Boston, Chicago, and Buddy Holly.

A: Are you surprised about the results of the student elections?
SS: We are an anti-democracy and pro-monarchy band, so we wanted Micah to be king. We’re really disappointed.

A: Aerosmith or Guns N’ Roses?
SS: Ke$ha and her hairstylist.

A: Jay-Z or Beyonce?
SS: “Crazy in Love,” because it’s both of them, but if we had to choose, it would be Jay-Z because we don’t support attractiveness.

A: Taylor Swift or any other Taylor?
SS: Taylor Hanson, the girl from Hanson.

A: Are you best friends with the guys from Linus?
SS: We are challenging them to a concert next semester. Also Charlie Ellis is the man.

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