On Friday, February 26, The Argus published an opinion piece by one of its regular columnists (“The Price is Wrong”) that has since been removed from the website. The opinion piece contained allegations which neither the writer nor The Argus’s editorial board could substantiate. Moreover, the accusations were written in unnecessarily derisive language.

The Argus’s editorial board did not remove the article on legal grounds; rather, the article in question did not meet the standards of accuracy that The Argus applies to all articles published under its editorial stamp. We would like to apologize for any damage this piece may have inadvertently caused, as well as encourage a more constructive dialogue in the future.

  • ’12

    If it was such a flawed column, why did the Argus publish it in the first place?

  • Mytheos Holt

    I’m curious about that myself, guys.

  • Matthew Weiner


  • ’10

    “unnecessarily derisive language”…

    does that mean that Mytheos will no longer be writing for the Argus? Because that seems to be the cornerstone of his entire writing style.

  • ’12

    You can’t take down the original article and leave up several responses to it – that’s just annoying.

  • ’10

    I just don’t see why it took a huge backlash for the Argus to realize that selectivity and censorship are two different things.

  • A-Batte

    Agreed with ’12–in my opinion, it’s shitty practice to leave up pieces about how much an editorial sucks when the original editorial has been removed. I think it should go back up, or the responses should be taken down, but I would definitely prefer the former.

  • ’10

    Rewriting history…if you already published it, just leave it online, let us decide for ourselves if it is derisive or inaccurate….

  • Dave Feldman ’73 AKA David Harp

    Concert at MOCON during Reunion/Commencement?
    If not, why not?