So most of our photo diary of Wemmy making was edited out to make room for other important arts articles (no hard feelings), but we thought you probably didn’t get the full impact of it because of these cuts. Let us just sum it up for you really quickly: Neil Patrick Harris on a unicorn. Carter L. Bays’s head on Neil Patrick Harris’s body riding a unicorn. Carter L. Bays’s head on Neil Patrick Harris’s body riding two Joss Whedons. Also Neil Patrick Harris making out with Joss Whedon. All we needed was a coat of lacquer and we were good to go.

I’m sure you’re really all reading just to find out who won the Wemmy. We just checked the survey and found we got 138 responses (approximately 135 more than expected, especially after those nasty comments on Wesleying…jerks…)! Sadly, the results screen also told us that it would only let us view 100 of the answers unless we gave them money…but when we tabulated all of the answers by hand, we managed to get to 125 responses. So thirteen of you don’t actually count for anything, but thanks for playing. And now, time for the big reveal.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Boys and Girls
The winner of the first annual Wemmy Award is……
Commercial Break

CARTER BAYS AND CRAIG THOMAS, with 50.4 per¬cent of the vote! Sorry Joss, maybe next year. Damn, with a win like that, how could these two help but come back to Wesleyan, give us a kick ass interview, giddily accept this prestigious award, and give candy to all undergraduates? It’s an offer they can’t refuse. Get that ac¬ceptance speech ready guys! We’ll be waiting.

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