WestCo Café hosted the marvelous, creative, but poorly attended show “Madlibs: The Musical” last weekend. Here’s how it worked: as the audience walked in, they were asked to fill in Madlibs for eight popular songs, and then the cast proceeded to perform these twisted versions of the songs faithfully, no matter how ridiculous the lyrics ended up. The vocals were excellent and the audience actually managed to come up with some great lines. Here are a few highlights from the show (it helps if you sing them aloud):
From “Can You Feel The Love Tonight:”
–“Can you feel the homoeroticism tonight? This is where we shag.”
From “Holding Out For A Hero:”
–“Where’s the streetwise William Shatner to fight the rising odds?
–He’s gotta be sure and it’s gotta be soon and he’s gotta be larger than Spock, larger than Spock.”
From “Because the Night:”
–“Because the night belongs to Jews, because the night belongs to African American
From “Bad Romance:”
“–I want your love; love, love, vaginas. I want your love.
–I’m a freak bitch baby. (This was mostly awesome because of the delivery. Really, really awesome.)
From “Criminal:”
–“So what would Dumbledore say? The devil wants to know.”

I’m telling you, this shit was so funny I went to see it twice.

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