The Hartford Courant‘s Rick Green, a friend and fellow cynic, gives the Blargus a shout out on his blog CT Confidential:

Wondering what all those intellectually-minded libs are doing down at Wes? The Blargus is here. Former Hall High School free speech crusader and Hartford Courant intern Ezra Silk is co-editor and urged me to take a look. There’s a visit to the Sex Party by the Carnal Cardinal, sex columnist Lily Louise. In another post she offers this precious tidbit: “I’ve never had sex with anyone even moderately right of center.” Junior year abroad student Jourdain Hussein posts an odd little video titled “Arab Taxi Dancing.” Take a look. It’s apparently a companion to the more old-school paper, the Wesleyan Argus.

Yes, the Blargus is here, and so is the Blargus‘ new virtual friendship with CT Confidential (motto: “What’s Really Happening”). We’ll be doing regular updates on Green’s blog, since his new bosses, Fox 61 News, are too stupid (drunk) to link his oft-updated blog to the Courant‘s front page. Call it the Blargus bump.

In today’s CT Confidential, Green takes some nice swipes at the shonda Joseph “Joementum” Lieberman, who the guys at the Courant have known back since he was a baby senator. Apparently he was just as much of an asshole then as he is now:

The country wonders, what does Connecticut think of Joe Lieberman, our diner-visiting, McCain-supporting, “independent” U.S. Senator?

Please, we’ve known the answer for years.

It’s all about Joe, of course.

From the Oscar-worthy yes/no/yes performance before he voted against Clarence Thomas back in ’91 to the masterful public condemnation of Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky era to jetting around the country last year with his Republican buds in support of “Rocky McCain,” this is just another ironic episode of Curb Your Joementum.

Recall that Sen. Lieberman once questioned whether President Obama – the one who endorsed him over Ned Lamont — didn’t always “put the country first.” Now Obama is the president “trying to do too much at once.”

Lieberman has been entertaining, but not representing, us for years. His doubts about the public option — I haven’t totally decided – are absolutely vintage, brilliant Joe. This is the same desperate politico who said in the summer of 2006 that “I can do more for you and your families to get something done to make healthcare affordable.”

His new/old/new Republican best friends should beware, because Joementum is all about another nailbiting moment. Lieberman captured the spotlight briefly this week, but it can’t stop there.

Even his cuckolded fellow senator, Chris Dodd, knows this is just the beginning of another epic, ever-evolving, expiation from Lieberman: “I’m optimistic Joe will join us.”
Dodd knows it is always, always all about Joe.

He represents himself, not Connecticut, and certainly not the majority of state residents who support the “public option.”

Clinton patron and CNN commentator Paul Begala calls this the “latest and most shameless betrayal” by Lieberman.

Hardly. We’ve got him for three more years.

Rick actually used to report from Middletown at the turn of the 90s. Welcome back: it’s been far too long. For more check out, CT Confidential at

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I have been interested in journalism ever since I was an editor at my high school student newspaper, where I was involved in a freedom of speech controversy that was covered in the local newspaper as well as local television and radio outlets. The ACLU became involved, and the ensuing negotiations lead to a liberalization of my school's freedom of expression policy. I worked as a summer intern at the Hartford Courant after my freshman year at Wesleyan, reporting for the Avon Bureau under Bill Leukhardt and publishing over 30 stories. At the Argus I have been a news reporter, news assistant editor, news editor, features editor, editor-in-chief, executive editor, blogger, and multimedia director. I have overseen the redesign of, founding the Blargus and initiating ArgusVideo at the beginning of my time as editor-in-chief during the spring of my junior year. During my senior year, I have co-edited the Blargus with Gianna Palmer and founded Argus News Radio, a 15-minute weekly show produced by WESU 88.1 on which I conduct a weekly segment interviewing seniors about their thesis topics. I have written over 70 stories at the Argus and continue to do reporting and blogging as much as I can.
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    Joe has always been in it for Joe. His ambition knows no bounds.
    If we eliminated the party system would we be more inclined to eliminate the Joe’s in Congress?
    I think so.

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