With the invaluable help of Argus web designer extroardinaire Vernon Thommeret and WESU’s Sam Bernhardt and Mary Longley, the first episode of Argus News Radio is now online (see below)! Featuring Mytheos Holt on campus community, Ben Brewer on his thesis on the liberalism of pirates, a Wesleyan weekly culture preview from Arts Editor Gabe Lezra, and Wes-headlines from Opinion Editor/Host Andrea Domanick, the show formerly known as Fresh Blarg has now entered the digital era. Check it out —

[argusaudio src=”http://wesleyanargus.com/audio/radioargus1.mp3″]

Can’t hear the audio? Click here.

  • Anonymous

    ezra is all up in the extended titles

  • Krystal

    I suppose that suodns and smells just about right.