So I guess is some sort of video game website. But apparently its also very good at spamming you. I just received an email from someone at Wes I don’t know very well inviting me to join, and, stupidly, I did. I was like, “Oh, I don’t even know her that well, that’s so awesome.” I’m pretty sure by doing that, that I somehow just sent an email out to anyone I’ve ever emailed to join this thing now. So don’t join it, and I apologize if I just sent you an email about it. It might not have a virus, but it’s still really annoying, so beware.

About Ezra Silk

I have been interested in journalism ever since I was an editor at my high school student newspaper, where I was involved in a freedom of speech controversy that was covered in the local newspaper as well as local television and radio outlets. The ACLU became involved, and the ensuing negotiations lead to a liberalization of my school's freedom of expression policy. I worked as a summer intern at the Hartford Courant after my freshman year at Wesleyan, reporting for the Avon Bureau under Bill Leukhardt and publishing over 30 stories. At the Argus I have been a news reporter, news assistant editor, news editor, features editor, editor-in-chief, executive editor, blogger, and multimedia director. I have overseen the redesign of, founding the Blargus and initiating ArgusVideo at the beginning of my time as editor-in-chief during the spring of my junior year. During my senior year, I have co-edited the Blargus with Gianna Palmer and founded Argus News Radio, a 15-minute weekly show produced by WESU 88.1 on which I conduct a weekly segment interviewing seniors about their thesis topics. I have written over 70 stories at the Argus and continue to do reporting and blogging as much as I can.
  • John

    Good to read some more about the scam/spam. The send spam in name of someone else. Some sort of identity theft imho!