Picture this: Your friends are over and they’re hungry and you’ve got nothing to feed them. As long as you have a few basic ingredients, you can make this cake. If you’ve made this cake, send us a picture (argus@wesleyan.edu) and we’ll post it here!

Read the accompanying article with instructions and ingredients.

  • Anonymous

    Great video!!!



  • me

    this is not a simple cake, ingredientwise.

  • Snob

    Admittedly, there are simpler cakes, but if you’re already living in a woodframe or a program house you probably have most of these ingredients save maybe the cider vinegar or flour. If you live in a dorm, it might be more difficult.

  • GHB


  • Liz in Wisconsin

    What a great video. Nice pacing, good intructions (“save hearty flour for bread, why you need to butter pan, activating gluten = bad” etc) Baking requires precision….good long shots to close up of hands (which look natural and clean). Could slow down a little bit in speech (maybe a bit nervous?) Very put together demo – love the cake plate!

  • anna from nyc

    wonderful video! great explanations of the art of baking a delicious cake. keep up the good work!!

  • jon dibenedetto

    Really nice recipe & really lively entertaining video! Charming host!