Over 600 University seniors converged on the Crowne Plaza in Cromwell last Saturday night to drink, dance and count the number of Sarah Palin costumes in the festively-dressed Halloween crowd. Following last year’s Senior Cocktail’s controversy—when some of the planned senior events were cancelled after students left alcohol bottles and drugs on the bus, and one student reportedly punched a bus driver—the Class of 2009 kicked off the year’s events with an incident-free evening.

Caterers provided two tables worth of hors d’oeuvres for the guests, including chicken cutlets, fried dumplings and spring rolls. After checking attendees’ wrists for bracelets that indicated if an attendee was over 21, bartenders offered them a choice of wine or Coors Light: both complementary. By the end of the evening, the floor of the reception room was littered with plastic cups.

Senior Class President Ravid Chowdhury ’09 praised his peers’ behavior.

“People were drunk, but were definitely well behaved,” Chowdhury said. “Wesleyan students are not generally destructive or riotous. We just party harder and better than everyone else.”

Compared with previous years, the aftermath of this year’s event was relatively free of controversy. Bus drivers reported courteous students and vomit fines amounted to only $150—a total much smaller than at past events.

Carmen Melillo ’09, who came to the event dressed as Colossus from the X-Men, described it as a much-needed departure from his daily demands.

“It was, in the best way possible, a surreal experience,” Melillo said. “I felt that it was an extremely fun and engaging way for the senior class to connect with itself, as well as to catch up with people who you may not have seen since freshman year.”

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