A small-scale party was cut short Sunday morning when a gunshot was allegedly fired into the air following a physical altercation between students and area residents trying to enter the party.

According to David Meyer, director of Public Safety (PSafe), the 10 area residents tried to enter the Pine Street party at approximately 2:30 a.m. Meyer explained that, according to student reports, a physical confrontation ensued when the residents were denied entry to the party. Multiple students reported that they heard what sounded like a gunshot following the altercation. Although only one student reported actually viewing a gun, PSafe believes that a gun is the most likely source of the noise.

“It is pretty well confirmed that there was one gunshot [shot] into the air, although there are some conflicting stories about that,” Meyer said. “Multiple people heard it. We believe one person saw it.”

No students were seriously injured by the supposed gunshot, but one student did sustain minor injuries to his hand from the altercation.

Meyer explained that there were some discrepancies in the accounts of the incident, and most students were unable to provide a clear description of the non-students who were trying to enter the party.

“The area was fairly dark and it happened fairly quickly,” Meyer said. “And, of course, when the gun went off, everybody ran.”

Meyer stressed that the night’s events were alarming, and said that there have not been other notable gun-related campus incidents in his recent memory.

PSafe plans to release a more complete report on the incident later this week when the varying accounts have been further analyzed. Meyer noted that there has not been an overwhelming student response to the campus-wide e-mail describing the incident, and said that he encourages people with more information to provide PSafe with their accounts.

“If anyone has any further information, please call us,” he said.

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