Well, here we are at the end of another year at Wesleyan. Sure, you did maybe half the reading for half of your classes, but man, have you had fun! Think of all the amazing movies you saw in our beloved Goldsmith Family Cinema. Remember all the way back to “The Holy Mountain”? That was fucking sweet. And could we forget “Stop Making Sense?” Anyway, friends and fellow film fans, it has been one hell of a year. And for the unaware: the Wesleyan Film Series is in fact THE single greatest student-run film series in the entire world. The selection of films we have brought you over the past year is unparalleled. You don’t believe me? Come to these last two shows and you shall see the grandeur, the sheer magnificence that is the WFS. Only two shows left? That sucks! Don’t despair: the last two nights of the 2007-2008 Wesleyan Film Series are two of the most classic American films EVER made! Take a trip down the yellow brick road on over to the Delta House and kick it with Toto and Bluto—what a pair. And don’t forget your TOGA! Yeah COLLEGE…is finally over!

USA. Dir: Victor Fleming, 1939.
With Judy Garland, Terry the Dog.
Friday, May 2, 7:30 p.m. FREE!

Okay, so you watched this vibrant, dazzling film with the sound turned off and some Pink Floyd album playing over it when you were stoned with your big brother’s friends in eighth grade. But have you ever seen the REAL THING on the BIG SCREEN!? The chance to see a real live print of this film comes around once in a blue moon. And for free? You must be kidding me! I expect to see every single one of you there on Friday night. The Technicolor glistens! Judy Garland sings like a songbird…well, sort of. It’s on the last Friday of classes in our beautiful, state-of-the-art theater, and something tells me this is not going to be the typical showing of “The Wizard of Oz.”

USA. Dir: John Landis, 1978.
With John Fucking Belushi.
Saturday, May 3, 7:30 p.m. $4

In the prestigious tradition of sending our seniors off with the ultimate post-adolescent flick (“American Graffiti” and “The Graduate” were the final films for the last two years), we have chosen the ultimate—the granddaddy of all college films—the one that started it all—NO…not PCU! It’s ANIMAL HOUSE baby! Does this film really need an explanation? The true king of comedy, John Belushi, sums it up just fine when he downs an entire fifth of Jack Daniels—and it’s real! College is the best time you will ever have in your life, or so we tell ourselves. This film happens to be the reason why we tell ourselves that. Watching “Animal House” in the company of our beloved class of 2008 and then proceeding to become so wasted that you forgot you were ever at the movies is exactly what you should be doing on Saturday night.

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