On Feb. 5, a.k.a. Super Duper Tuesday, Connecticut will have its presidential primaries. This means that if you want to register to vote in the Connecticut primary, you must do so before winter break. This is because the deadline for registration is 14 days before the election, or during break. If you come across a voter registration drive on campus and debate whether you should register now in Connecticut, or vote in your home state, take the 30 seconds it takes to register to vote in Connecticut. That way, if you don’t register at home (even though you told the volunteers at registration stations that you would), or your snail mail absentee ballot doesn’t arrive in time for the election (which often happens), you still have the option to vote in Connecticut come Election Day.

Connecticut’s primary elections on Feb. 5 are more significant than any other primary elections thereafter (sadly including my home state) since there is a high probability that the presidential nominees will be known come Feb. 6. To register to vote in Connecticut’s primary, you must be 17 (but only ages 18+ can vote on Feb. 5), and be registered with a party. Connecticut has a closed primary, which means that unaffiliated voters cannot participate.

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