There are a lot of honors and awards one can pursue as a college student, but a Grammy typically isn’t one of them“unless you’re Skye LoGuidice ’09. The singer-songwriter, who goes by the stage name Skye Claire, received the phone call of a lifetime from her promoter in late October, informing her that she had received preliminary Grammy ballot nominations in three categories. The nominations put LoGuidice up against about 150 other artists, from an original pool of around 30,000. Her nominations include Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Record of the Year for her song, “Hope It Helps,” as well as Best Pop Vocal Album for her 2006 EP “Good Boys Don’t.”

“I never thought that it would happen,” she said. “Suddenly, I was sitting on a list of names with Amy Winehouse and Gwen Stefani. I was completely floored.”

Members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences will vote for the top five in each category, and the results will be announced Dec. 6. The nominees will be able to attend the 50th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles this February. Though nervous, LoGuidice remains optimistic.

“Regardless of whether I get on the ballot, though, this is huge for me,” she said.

LoGuidice has been singing and writing since she was a young child, but first started making music around eighth grade. Since then, writing her rock-infused pop songs has been a process of inspiration.

“When I sit down to play it on the guitar, the whole thing will come out in about ten to twenty minutes,” she said. “For example, I wrote the first verse and chorus to my last song in my car on my way to Brooks.”

LoGuidice is a self-taught guitarist and currently fronts a four-piece band. Citing artists like Michelle Branch and Weezer as influences, her up-tempo, driving songs are based on actual events from her life, addressing love and its struggles. Next month, however, LoGuidice plans to take her music in a new direction and record several songs with a more relaxed, acoustic feel.

Surprised you’ve never seen her play at the WestCo café or heard her songs on WESU? Unlike many others, LoGuidice, a College of Letters major, prefers to keep her life on the stage and her life in the classroom separate. With the stress of managing her business and promotion in the music industry, it’s no wonder she says, “it’s really nice to only be concerned about my life here [at Wesleyan] on my off time.”

But with Grammy dreams ahead of her, LoGuidice remains determined to pursue her passion for music.

“My plan right now is to get on a major soundtrack and go from there,” she said. “Meanwhile, I’ll continue playing shows in New York. Hopefully I’ll be on a major tour this summer.”

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