The Senior Cocktails scheduled for December has been cancelled due to irresponsible behavior at the first cocktails event of the academic year, the four Senior Class Officers announced to the class of 2008 in an email on Monday.

During the first cocktails, on Oct. 25, various students verbally abused the bus drivers that transported them between campus and the cocktails venue. According to the email, the head of the bus company, who also drove that night, was physically assaulted. In response to students’ behavior toward bus drivers, as well as the many drinking containers and illegal drugs that the company had to clean up after students, the company has decided to not work for the senior class in the future.

President of the Class of 2008 Rashida Richardson, Vice President Brooke Richart, Treasurer Juliet Falchi, and Secretary Lex Edness decided with Tim Shiner, director of Student Activities & Leadership Development and administrative advisor to the Senior Class Officers, to cancel the second cocktails event.

Seniors’ accounts have not yet been charged for the Senior Pass, which they purchased last month and which originally covered the four cocktail events to be scheduled for the year. The $190 pass will be reevaluated before applied to accounts, factoring in the cancelled event.

The officers will update the Senior Class via email. Students may contact them at

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    was this the article that was originally called Seniors Blow Cocks? if not, where is that article, I can’t find it