Name of group:
Quasimodal, no, not Quasimodo, we ain’t no bell ringers, shoot.

Group Members:
Tess *t-bitch* Amodeo-Vickery ’07, Nicole *sauce* Strayer ’07, Seth *juicy ass* Cohen ’07, Adam *I can barely* Read-Brown ’07, Lily *no nudity* Costner ’08, Hannah *junk in the trunk* Junkerman ’08, Amanda *thong song* Facelle ’09, Brian *studly* Studwell ’09, Steph *Boss* Ross ’09, Christian *high… notes* Skorik ’09, Claire *Don’t you leave me* Levy ’09, Gabe “you want a shake to go wit dem” Fries ’09, and introducing the fabulous new froshies, Lauren *LoRuss* Russel ’10, Natasha *crunk* Yeracaris ’10, and Syd *the kid* Berkman ’10.

Type of group:
Party – Erotic Party… umm, we’re an a cappella singing group by day.

We always sing under the influence… of PRINCE!!! The man, the myth, the legend. Also, we love Stevie and his sweet ability to tickle the keys (and our senses)! But I think our biggest inspiration would have to be former member and columnist extraordinaire, Ben Doleac ’05.

Unique/weird/interesting/sexy fact about group/group member:
First of all, we are all sexy – it is one of the top criteria for getting into the group. Second is, do you got the chops? Would you hire a clown to fix a leak in the john? Also, we are extremely proficient at all drinking games – we specialize in kings.

Most successful/fun show performed and why:
When we went on tour in California in 2005, we sang with this group at Stanford that was just awful. After their rendition of “Come on, Eileen” there was no way that our group could look or sound anything but professional and badass. Needless to say, after the show, we scored a lot of beer (for those of us who are legal of course)… and a lot of ass. Go Cali!

What differentiates Quasimodal from other a cappella groups on campus?
Our asses. Also, our music is way sweeter. With hits such as “Billy Jean,” “Baby, I Love You,” “Sir Duke,” and the psychedelic power ballad “Grazin in the Grass” there is a whole range of timeless classics that our contemporaries or their parents can enjoy. We make mad dough at our many gigs with our sweet harmonies and spend it primarily on beer – our spring concert will have a complimentary keg provided for guests. Cause we all know we sing better when we’re sauced… FREE BIRD!!!

Website/place to learn more:

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