Name of Band:
Belly Boat

Band Members:
Silvie Margot Deutsch ’09, Zoe Ruth Cusmus Latta (Rhode Island School of Design ’08)

How/why did you first start playing music together?
We started playing together when our high school boyfriends collectively dumped us and we started learning to play Amélie songs and playing them on the street to forget our unrequited love.

Mariah Carey, Leonard Cohen, Frederic Chopin, Nina Simone, Celine Dion, Chamillionaire, Robert Hanoy, and Nina Hartley and her various guides.

Date and place founded:
Santa Cruz, California. October 2004.

How does your songwriting process generally work?
Usually it involves getting naked and, uh…you know.

Some of your songs incorporate rap. Where did you learn to bust such fly rhymes?
It’s all plagiarized from other people. We don’t take credit for any of it.

Favorite/best show played and why:
Can’t really choose! Probably when we opened for The Who a couple years back. JK!

Upcoming shows:
Earth House on Earth Day, April 22.

Places to find out more info/CDs that are out:,,

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