Ed Klein, a friend of mine has a yellow sweater that would look so good with your yellow pants. Just saying. Don’t you think they should pass out a pair of topsiders to each of the incoming freshmen and by senior year everybody’s topsiders will be rugged enough to guarantee safety in the harsh world ‘out there’? A rite of passage, if you will. And sweatpants are an outrage. I like my down comforter and memory foam… I think they are pretty comfortable…why don’t I wrap THOSE around my legs and then it would be like I was in bed—all day long. Can I also say that cargo pockets of any kind trigger my gag reflex. It’s a purely biological reaction to the worst pockets in our history. Unless you are in the army or in a trade with many tools, pockets that large and plentiful are offensive. Similar reaction occurs when I see those absurd leather sandals that look like cartoon baskets for the feet. I’m not writing this because I want you, it’s about the clothes. Cordially!

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