Name of Group: The New Group

Group Type: 1) A cappella 2) Professional Curling Team

Group Members + Class Years: Leah Lucid ’10, Julien Burns ’10, Steve Cooper ’10, Tess Smagorinsky ’09, Marika Tabilio ’09, Jon Short ’09, Liana Hernandez ’09, Ruby Ross ’08, Rob Boyd ’08, Steve Sunu ’08, and our favorite seniors: Bossy and Frotch.

Date Formed: 1988

How Did You Get Your Name?: Well, the Wesleyan Antelope Lovers Club had taken “The Gnu Group”…


Sounds Like: By “Sounds Like,” do you mean what does our singing sound like? or what does “New Group” rhyme with? If the former, probably an early Slayer. Maybe an older Hank Williams. If the latter, I guess “Shoe Goop,” “Crew Soup,” or “Jew Poop.” One of those.


Most Exciting Event You’ve Performed At and Why: Woodrow Wilson’s Inauguration. We performed “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. In all seriousness, though, in a concert in North Carolina, we learned that one of our founders was Lemony Snicket. That was pretty exciting.

Unusual and/or Weird Fact About Group or Group Member: Unlike certain other a cappella groups on campus, OUR group’s breasts are boisterous and unabashedly ample.

Why Should People Check Out Your Shows? A cappella is a tried and true aphrodisiac in many third world countries. Feeling blue after Valentine’s day? Stop by for some hot ‘n’ heavy harmonized action. Also, an a cappella show can be a lot of fun – if you’ve never been to one, I highly recommend it.


Upcoming Shows: We have a joint show coming up with another excellent group on campus, Quasimodal, on March 2. We’ll be having shows periodically throughout the semester – keep an eye out for flyers for our final concert on Saturday, May 5. We say goodbye to our seniors. It’ll be a party.

Website/Place to Learn More: As of yet, there is no such website. A site may be coming soon, though, so get ready. In the meantime, we’ve hung up cups with string to each major building on campus—if you hear of any New Group activity, just speak into the cup, and our trained panel of advisors will assist you.

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