Name of Group:
The EBB and The Flow

Group Type:
Hip-Hop Funk

Group Members:
Michael Berger ’08 – vocals, Christina Boyd ’10 – vocals, Jess Myhre ’09 – vocals, Dave Eastman ’07 – guitar, Jake Gold ’09 – keys, Luke Mecklenburg ’07 – bass, Christian Komecki ’08 – drums

Year Formed:
Our first show was a party at the Bayit in December 2004.

Weird/Interesting Fact:
We’re huge in Uzbekistan.

Sounds Like:
A mother’s first words to her child: exciting and new, yet reassuring.

Best Show Played/Why:
We recently played a bar in Hartford called On The Rocks, during a big battle of the bands. We brought only one fan, but we won over the crowd, which consisted of opposing bands and their fans, and advanced to the next round. It was great to play out and it was an awesome and supportive environment to be a part of.

Sexiest Thing About the Group:
Our down-to-earth, boy-next-door attitude…and our fly female singers.

Why Should People Check Out Your Shows?
The band’s music is a reflection of its diverse background. We fuse many styles into our eclectic brand of hip-hop including funk, pop, jazz and Latin rhythms. The instrumentalists lay down a dynamic musical platform for the front man and Emcee, The Flow, and the vocalists. We combine crowd-moving grooves and social commentary to provide a thought-provoking and energetic experience.

Upcoming Shows:
Although we are focused on playing off-campus now, we are coming back on March 3 to play the Bayit’s Purim Party. We have a bunch of new tricks for that show and it should be a lot of fun.

Website/Place to check us out:
Go to and you can hear the demo we cut in May 2006 entitled “Explode!!!” If you want more, just ask. All our music is free at this point, we’re just psyched if you give us a listen.

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