It’s common knowledge that there’s no lack of student arts groups on campus. For those times you’re left deciding on whether to see the band at Eclectic or the one at Alpha-Delt, or when the closet a cappella enthusiast in you yearns to know the difference between Vocal Debauchery and New Group, The Argus is introducing a weekly column profiling two campus performing arts groups. Keep reading, and you’ll never have to wonder about that show you never made it to.


Name of the group:
Vocal Debauchery.

Group type:
Gender-neutral, yet devastatingly attractive.

Alon “Fresh Beetz” Hafri ’07, Andrea “Quack Attack is Back, Jack” Mak ’09, Andrew “I Get Around” Warner ’08, Cece “I’m Going to Be A Martinet About This” Seiter ’07, Eli “Owned, Bitch!” Bronner ’10, Laura “I’m Not Nice” Brown ’08, Lisa “Puppies” Sussman ’09, Mark “’Isn’t He Really Hairy?’” McCloughan ’10, Pat “Frutti Vendolo” Wolf ’07, Patrick “Shady” Armano ’08, Peter “The Body” “Ventura” Gilchrist ’10, Sarah “Likes Marshmallows…” Edelman ’09.

Year formed:
c. 2000.

Where does the group look for inspiration?
Pat Wolf’s tiny, trendy iPod. Also, giant magnets.

Awards/notable competitions won:
Super Bowl XVI.

Sexiest thing about VD:
Impeccable taste in footwear.

Why should people check out VD shows?
We provide local, organic, farm-fresh beats at no extra cost to you, our valued audience. In addition to singing the songs you love, each show contains 100% new material in the form of “dramaticals,” funny skits inspired by the show’s theme. We have the most humorous acronym of all Wesleyan a cappella groups, and we distribute free condoms at the end of each show.


Name of the group:
Bottle Up & Go.

Group type:

Sounds like:
Electric slide blues fantastic.

Group members:
Keenan Mitchell ’09, Fareed Sajan ’09.

Year formed:
Fall 2006.
Fun fact:
Fareed: “I dream while awake of being asleep.”

Best show played and why:
Fareed: “DKE, we like stale basements.”

How did you come up with your name?
Fareed: “Based upon: ‘I must never be still. Therefore I will go.’”
Keenan: “It’s a description of our method.”
Why should people check out your shows?
Fareed: “For noise and its condiments, feeling and traveling songwriters. For the art that is communication because I can not speak to you directly.”
Keenan: “Because we are the best band in the world.”

How do we find out more about your group:
Facebook group entitled “Bottle Up & Go” and a demo recorded by Yale Yng-Wong ’09.

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