Dear Mr. Bennet,

As a sophomore here at Wesleyan, I must tell you that I am somewhat disappointed with certain changes that alter Wesleyan’s unique environment. I wasn’t here for the chalking ban and considered it all just a bunch of hullabaloo, but now I’m becoming displeased.

My first issue is the increased police presence on campus. They don’t make me feel safe; they make me feel persecuted. Most Wesleyan students feel that the Middletown police force likes to take its aggression out upon us. If you don’t believe me, then I ask you why the Middletown police found it necessary to bring dogs to a frat party. Even though the dogs were not actively employed in crowd control, their use as tools of intimidation is unacceptable. Although I am aware that the new police presence is a due to laws which have recently been enacted allowing police onto private property, why do we stand by and let them ruin the atmosphere and freedom Wesleyan once had?

Next is the decision to hold the Halloween Party in Mocon as opposed to Eclectic. I understand the concept of fire safety and too many exits, but quite honestly, Mocon is a terrible venue for parties. It is much too spacious, has terrible acoustics, and, well, smells like food. If Eclectic is absolutely not an option, why Mocon? There has to be a better venue on campus, and if not, that issue must be addressed.

The latest decision to paint over the graffiti in the Butts’ tunnels is outrageous. The tunnels were one of the few things that gave the Butts their unique culture. Without them we are just another dorm on campus. Are we really going for complete campus homogeny? Doesn’t that completely defeat the purpose of what Wesleyan is? Wesleyan should be proud that it can support such a creative student body, not act aggressively oppressive towards them.

I know I am not alone in these thoughts on the recent changes. Many of my friends and classmates have expressed similar sentiments. Without WesCulture we are just another New England school. If I were a white bread, middle of the road, moderate with few opinions I would not have applied here. Wesleyan IS extreme. Wesleyan IS opinionated. Wesleyan IS unique.

Please Keep Wesleyan Weird.

Collin Cutrone McMichael

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