If you think that the chalking ban sucks, end it. Chalk anyway. Last week, we decided to go out and chalk until we got in trouble with Public Safety. It didn’t take too long. They were very cordial. We might get SJBed, but since we’ve never gotten in troublebefore, all we get is a warning! Word!

So if you’ve never gotten SJBed, and especially if you’re about to graduate, go out and have some fun! All you’ll get is a warning, and it’s even fun to get arrested when you know nothing will happen. If enough people do this, we can flood the SJB with frivolous chalking cases. Maybe someone will notice what a waste of time it is to censor student voices!

And please, encourage your pre-frosh to chalk. Or better, encourage someone else’s prefrosh to chalk. Technically, you are accountable for your prefrosh’s actions, but those little dickenses can slip away just like that. Not your fault. Not your fault.

Seriously, do you really want to leave Wes without getting SJBed at least once? Without sticking it to the Man, just a little bit? End the chalking ban, because it’s over.

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